Sediment Water Filter Cartridges | String Wound Yarn | 3 Pack

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Do you have too many water softener systems and need plenty of sediment filters as well? No problem! We have sediment water filter cartridges with three filters in each pack! 

Why should you buy our cartridge filter water? 

  • Acts as a depth filter, effectively capturing and stopping all kinds of mechanical impurities like sand
  • Protects your home heating installations and household appliances by efficiently removing mechanical impurities
  • Allows for a large holding capacity of contaminants to trap and retain impurities effectively
  • These cartridges' 10-inch length and radial flow design enable a high flow rate, ensuring a steady supply of filtered water.
  • Works well with various water filtration systems, including reverse osmosis filters and water filtration systems

Thanks to our filter cartridges, no more sand, silt or dirt on your water supply. Whether you are taking a shower or drinking water, rest assured this filter for water will keep it sediment-free. Upgrade your water filters today!

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