Sediment Water Filter Replacement Cartridge


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Do you want water that doesn't have sand or silt floating in it? You need a water filter replacement cartridge ASAP. Our sediment filters are the perfect 1st stage in water filters so they completely remove sediment particles right away. 

Why should you buy our sediment water filter cartridges? 

  • Radial Flow Design to maximize filtering surface area and ensure thorough filtration from the entire length and circumference.
  • Efficient Sediment Removal to stop mechanical impurities such as sand, silt, rust, and deposits up to grain sizes of 1 µm, 5 µm, 20 µm, or 50 µm.
  • Low-Pressure Drop to provide superior filtration performance while maintaining a steady flow rate.
  • Chemical Resistant 5 micron filter to withstand chemical exposure and bacterial growth
  • Inclusions: 10 Inch PP Sediment Water Filter Cartridge (one piece)

You don't need to search for any other cartridge filter water. Our sediment water filter replacement cartridge can purify your water at home effectively for months' end. Order yours now and transform your water quality. 

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