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The QETTLE Signature Modern Boiling Water Tap is designed to make life easier. It features an instant boiling water filter tap, providing an easy and convenient way to access hot or boiling water on demand. With this innovative tap, you don't need to wait for a kettle or kettle water to heat up; simply turn the tap and get hot, boiling water as you need it.


  • TRUE, 100˚C BOILING WATER: QETTLE dispenses water at 100˚C, so you really can make that perfect cuppa! Other systems on Amazon only manage to dispense water up to 98˚C
  • 4 LITRE BOILER TANK Provides up to 8 cups of boiling water in one go. Perfect for 5 people homes. Quality, fully insulated, CE approved 4 litre boiler tank fits neatly under your kitchen sink. 10 minute recovery time should you drain the tank. Tank dimensions: 230mm High x 182mm Wide x 354mm Deep
  • 2-STAGE SAFETY Supplied with a safety clip which makes activating the boiling water impossible. Once removed, the button on handle must then be pressed at the same time as the handle is turned clockwise for boiling water to be dispensed
  • COST & ENERGY EFFICIENT No need to wait for the kettle to boil, use more water than you need, or waste energy. QETTLE Original costs around just £0.03 pence a day on standby. In comparison, a kettle costs £0.02 pence every time it’s boiled
  • WATER FILTER SYSTEM INCLUDED: Works to minimise limescale - protecting the tap’s boiler tank | Unlimited flow of filtered cold water | Compact, easy-change filter cartridge housing | Replace the filter cartridge every 6 months - a built in LED lets you know the filter cartridge needs to be replaced.

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