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Introducing the best shower head in Ireland - the Ionic Shower Head Filter.

Say goodbye to hard water and chlorine with this innovative shower head. We designed only the best shower head to remove impurities from the water, leaving you with a clean and refreshing shower experience.

It features chlorine filters to remove hard water deposits and chlorine from the water effectively. The beads soften the water, making it gentler on your skin and hair.

  • Refreshing Showers. Our ionic shower head clears out sediments and chemicals from your inline water. 
  • Save Water. With soft water, it reduces the amount of water needed for rinsing. 
  • Easy Installation. Our filter is compatible with most shower heads, thus requiring no special tools or plumbing expertise. 
  • Inclusions. It comes with a shower head, two replaceable shower head beads, and an extra spare rubber plate.

Upgrade your shower experience with the Ionic Shower Head - the best shower head filter for hard water and chlorine.

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