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It's not enough to install your reverse osmosis systems. You also need to replace the reverse osmosis filter as early as six months. Good thing we have the complete set for your 4-stage water filter systems. 

We only have the best reverse osmosis water filter brands for your RO unit—Clack, EcoSoft, Puricom & Pure Pro. So you can always have clear, fresh water every day. 

Why should you buy our reverse osmosis filter set? 

  • Supreme® 5 Micron sediment filter to remove sediments like sand and silt 
  • Supreme® 10 Micron GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) Filter to remove that metallic and chemical taste and odor found in hard water
  • Supreme® 1 Micron Sediment filter to further enhance water clarity and purity
  • Supreme® Post Carbon GAC filter for a final stage of filtration, ensuring clean and fresh-tasting water
  • Universal RO Spanner included for easy and hassle-free filter replacements

We have the complete set of RO water and carbon filters for your business or home. Our water filter set is both easy to install and reasonably priced. So restock, replace, and enjoy the pure drinking water that you deserve. 

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