Activated Carbon Filters | 2 Pack

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Our activated carbon block filter has an impressive surface area, allowing it to effectively adsorb chlorine and other organic impurities commonly found in water. 

These carbon filters are compatible with 10" housings and filters for water softening systems. When it comes to replacing your 10-inch reverse osmosis carbon block filter, our carbon activated filters are the best choice. 

Why should you buy our active carbon filter pack? 

  • Removes up to 99% of free chlorine from water
  • Eliminates phenol and benzene from water
  • Filters out up to 85% of pesticides of chlorine origin
  • Approved by PZH 
  • Comes in two filters for 12 months of use

You don't have to call a professional for advice. You can now experience the power of activated carbon with our water filter cartridges. Say goodbye to chlorine, organic contaminants, and unwanted odors in your hard water. Invest in the best for your water filtering softening needs.

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