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Do you need a bigger sediment filter for your softener water system? Here's our 20-Inch Sediment Water Filter Cartridges—perfect for industrialized filtration systems. 

Why should you buy our universal water filters cartridges?

  • Removes sand, rust, silt and other types of sediments 
  • 1st stage for the best filtered water at home or your businesses 
  • Consistent flow rate and reduces the strain on your water system
  • Large capacity for holding contaminants
  • Free from leachables that could potentially contaminate your water supply

Do you want to have the best water softener for your family? Upgrade your water filtration system with our 20-Inch Sediment Water Filter Cartridges and enjoy cleaner water. You can use it for general cleaning, cooking, and even drinking. It's completely safe. 

Get only quality water filters from Ecofilter!

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