Carbon Block Cartridge (GAC)


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Polluted water is not safe or clean to drink. But using a carbon cartridge, you can drink water straight from the kitchen tap! Coconut carbon effectively adsorbs chlorine and other organic pollutants, giving your water a refreshing taste and aroma.


Why should you get our activated granular carbon for your water softener system? 

  • Contains premium activated carbon sourced from coconut shells, ensuring excellent filtration performance
  • Removes up to 99% of free chlorine, as well as other organic impurities, from your water
  • Eliminates phenol and benzene
  • Reduces up to 85% of pesticides
  • Comes in one 10-inch carbon block cartridge only 


Our carbon water filter cartridges fit all 10″ filter housings, making them ideal for under-sink drinking water systems. You can also use it as part of a whole-house filtration or fish tank filter. Furthermore, it serves as stage 2 in reverse osmosis systems, protecting the RO membrane.


Improve your overall water quality and enjoy the benefits of refreshing, purified water today!




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