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Water is life! The following is a quick blog post on hard water and the effects it has on your appliances, heating system and showers/baths etc. Many households across Ireland suffer with limescale issues and it’s only when their expensive boiler or shower breaks down that they decide to take action. Water softeners!

By installing a water softening system in your home, it will completely resolve your hard water problems. Installing a water softener which is capable of preventing the development of limescale on shower accessories and in your taps will be the best investment you could make. There is always a reason for installing a water softening system in a hard water area

Hard water is not easy to identify but it’s leftover sign is not difficult to notice. Water is almost full of important minerals but the excess of magnesium and calcium will leave a residue on anything it comes in contact with. After cleaning the dishes, you will notice a pale white or yellowish colour on your kitchenette and bathroom taps. Also, after a while, they will start getting accumulated on the shower heads. Horrible green crusty scale that is hard to remove.

Now, as the limescale starts to build up, it can clog nearly every kitchen/bathroom appliances in your house. If you do not believe us, check your coffee maker or water heater for a white substance accumulating around the corners. If you neglect the white or yellow substance, it can result in high costs of repairing or replacements. Furthermore, you can also notice a white buildup of your beer mugs, crystal clear glasses, and porcelain; these are just a few examples. 

Water softener systems work by using a method known as ion exchange. It will replace calcium and magnesium ions that are responsible for the cause of water hardness with sodium ions. These softening systems consist of resin beads that carry out the ion exchange process.


  • Hard water is not responsible for causing any kind of health issues apart from kidney stones. But it can become a grave concern in terms of the condition of water appliances. The build up of limescale can also ruin your plumbing system in general and clog copper pipes etc.
  • Also, limescale accumulation in a plumbing system is capable of obstructing water flow to the taps. Moreover, it also decreases the effectiveness of bath and washing soap by making it difficult for them to fully dissolve in the water. Particles of the soap connect to minerals and form residue, which can ravage the clothing fibre. If the water is hard, soap will not dissolve and you need to add a little extra which is ineffective anyway. 
  • The limescale accumulation, if left unchecked can cause harm to all taps and water-dependent appliances. It is surely easier to limit the development of limescale than face its outgrowths. A water softening system can determine the hard water dilemma and convert the hard water into soft water easily and effectively. 

Benefits Of Installing A Water Softening System:

  • Installing water softeners that are capable of improving your soap and detergent effectiveness of cleaning your clothes without damaging the fibre. 
  • The life of a daily-use appliance is extended. Also, a water softening system is significant to fancy appliances. Limescale has caused damage to water-using appliances, which is going to increase the cost of repairs. 
  • Also, appliances which are full of limescale accumulation may use up more power. It will increase your energy bills and your equipment will become inefficient and eventually break down.
  • Soft water is soothing on your hair and skin. Also, it is safe to use in washing clothes. As there is no hard water present, detergent has increased efficiency of keeping your cleaner and brighter.

There are several reasons why you should avoid using hard water. If you are now convinced why your clothes are not shiny and why you are losing hair luster, installing a water softening system can be a blessing to you and your family. 

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