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What your water softener installer has been up to this week!

Typical Monday morning for a water softener installer in Dublin. It’s raining and it was very windy but we pushed on and started the day with a water softener installation in Clonee. 

There’s lots of building work happening at the moment around Adamstown in Dublin and luckily for us, we’ve been extremely busy with general, planned plumbing jobs in the area. We spent a lot of this week installing our whole house limescale removal filters. We’ve also started supplying and fitting the Qettle instant boiling water 4 in 1 taps around Dublin & Kildare. I hope to show you some of our installation pictures and some video’s soon.

It’s the beginning of “silly season” now and the life of a water softener installer can be hectic. We’re trying to make everyone happy and fit in lots of jobs before the Christmas break. Just so you know, we’ll be closed on Christmas day and St. Stephens Day but we’ll be ready for any emergency call out plumbing jobs during the rest of the festive season, including New Years Day.

As the week went on, the jobs were coming in thick and fast. All that said, I found time to finally fit two Rhino Tube Holders to the roof of the van. They come in a grey colour which I don’t like so I’m hoping to wrap them in navy. The life of water softener installer continues

Clack Water Softener Job

We received an order via our finance partner, Humm by Flexifi for a water softener & RO Filter. Luckily, within 3 days, we were able to visit the customers house in Balbriggan and install the entire system for them. We noticed their mains valve into the house was leaking and causing dampness. This issue was fixed up at no extra charge. A very happy customer in a soft water home :)

Routine Service, With a Twist!

On Thursday that week, we booked in a routine water softener installer job & RO service in Adamstown, Co. Dublin. On arrival, the technician found that the water was still full of limescale and the RO tank was completely goosed!

This particular client was out of warranty. Oddly enough, their front window was boarded up as their neighbour had bought an electric car and the first day he bought it, he accidentally reversed it through their sitting room window :) So, we didn't charge any extra for the parts and covered the costs under a warranty. 

Qettle Boiling Water Tap

That Friday, our water softener installer fitted our very first Qettle instant boiling water fiter tap. It turned out to be "one of them jobs" with many minor issues that needed to be overcome. I spent over 3 hours in the house trying to get the work up to standard but everything that could go wrong, did! 

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