Sediment Filter Cartridges | 10 inch - 2 Pack

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Do you need to restock your water filter cartridges? Our sediment filter cartridges have a radial flow pattern, letting hard water circulate all throughout the cartridge. 

Why should you replace the set cartridge for water filter? 

  • Has non-woven polypropylene foam to capture sand, silt, rust, and other deposits in water
  • Ideal as First Stage Filter for drinking water and general utility water filtration systems
  • Chemically resistant and does not support bacterial growth, ensuring the safety and purity of your filtered water
  • Comes with two filters for cartridge for water filter systems 

It's time to protect your family from dirty, unclear water. With our water filter 10 inch cartridges, you can ensure sediment-free water. 

Get your water filter for home replaced today for cleaner, clearer water for your daily needs!

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