Water Filter Cartridge String Wound Yarn | 10-Inch Jumbo


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Do you need a bigger water filter cartridge to remove sediments? Our 10-inch Jumbo string wound sediment water filter is a reliable 1st stage filter that effectively removes large and fine particles from your drinking water. Whether it's sand, dirt, silt, or rust particles, this cartridge has you covered, ensuring clean and clear water for your daily needs.

What should you expect from buying this cartridge for water filter use? 

  • Made of fine melted polypropylene for exceptional filtration
  • Blown and spun in a cylinder-like form for optimal particle trapping
  • Standard size: 10 inches in diameter and 5 inches in height
  • Service life of 6 months to 1 year, depending on sediment levels
  • Install and replace the cartridge easily, providing a hassle-free experience in maintaining your water filtering system

Filtering water has never been so easy with this sediment filter in your existing RO units or under-sink water systems. This filter will change the quality of your drinking water for the whole household. So don't compromise your family's well-being. Order now and experience the difference in reliable water filters.

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