Vontron 300 GPD RO Membrane


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Do you need a powerful reverse osmosis membrane for your water filtration system? Introducing the Vontron 300 GPD RO Membrane, the ultimate solution for your reverse osmosis water systems. 

The Vontron 300 GPD RO Membrane is perfect for residential water supplies with lower water pressure. If you have trouble with your water pressure at home, this reverse osmosis filter will ensure maximum filtration.

Why should you get our reverse osmosis water cartridges?

  • Delivers exceptional performance at a pressure of 6.4 atm and 25 °C, providing a maximum daily filtration capacity of up to 1110 litres
  • Ensures long-lasting filtration performance for up to 12-24 months or 6000-10000 litres
  • Removes impurities and contaminants from your water
  • Features a polyamide thin-film composite (TFC) membrane type, allowing for versatile use
  • Comes in one filter cartridge for RO units only 

You don't need to pay a plumber to replace your RO filters. Our Vontron 300 GPD is easy to install, and you can use it right away! Restock your reverse osmosis water filters today. 

Enjoy clean, purified water for your everyday needs.

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