Reverse Osmosis Check Valve Pushfit (Non-Return Valve)


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Reverse Osmosis Check Valve Pushfit (Non-Return Valve)`


  • Used in RO Water Purifiers
  • Commonly used to connect two pipes
  • 1/4″ Female NPT fits not only on pressurized tanks, but also with any other fitting using a 1/4″ male thread
  • On 1/4″ tubing to stop unwanted water returning.
  • Used predominantly on the drain line of Reverse Osmosis Systems to prevent backflow of waste water. Allows flow in only one direction only.
  • Insert 1/4″ tubing into each side
  • Suitable for all Reverse Osmosis Systems and all other systems / fridges were 1/4″ ldpe pipe is used

Installed on 1/4″ tubing for reverse osmosis system.
Insert your 1/4″ ldpe pipe into either end of this fitting to stop the back flow of soft water.

This non return valve will prevent against water back flow and is commonly used in RO to prevent water back flowing into the RO membrane. These parts are made to the highest specification, and are suitable for water filters, reverse osmosis water filters and European style fridge water dispensers.These connections are designed to be used across all cold potable water applications.


1/4″ TO 1/4″ (Pushfit both sides)

Filtration Method: Reverse Osmosis One way check valve: 1/4″
reverse osmosis check valve: 1/4″ Main Colour: White
one way valve: 1/4″ Type: Reverse Osmosis Inline Check Valve

Buy a various range of Reverse Osmosis Check Valve Pushfit (Non-Return Valve) €4.75 from Aqua Filter Warehouse , which is reliable and durable to use.

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