Fish Tank External Filter 8W 500L/H Waterfall Hang on Back for Forced Filtration of Coldwater & Tropical Aquariums up to 76L


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  • 🐟【Adjustable water flow & Quiet design】 Waterfall design, adjustable water flow, dissolved oxygen for biological growth. With a suitable water flow rate, the ish tank cleaner can push water into the water tank at a speed of 500L/H, suitable for water tanks with a height of 30-50cm. The fish tank accessories is suitable for fish tanks and grass tanks, so it can meet your various needs. Low noise design, motor running will not bring noise, excellent mute, will not affect the life and mood.
  • 🐟【Modular high-efficiency forced filtration】Different from other more ornamental coldwater fish tank filter, this tropical fish tank filter uses a forced filtration method to introduce water into a closed filter box, which plays the role of 99% filtration, achieves the effect of filtration, and purifies the tropical fish tank in the true sense.
  • 🐟【High-efficiency Triple fish tank filter cartridges】The inner layer of activated carbon biochemical cotton, double outer layer of high-density cotton. Free four high-density cotton can be replaced. Using advanced New filter cotton, high density, good water permeability, reusable, can also clean the aquarium fish manure, remove harmful substances, prevent the fish tank from discoloring, and reduce the strange smell in the aquarium water. Create a clean environment for your cute fish.
  • 🐟【Hang-on Design】The hang on back filter aquarium adopts hang-on design, it starts working when hanging on the fish tank’s wall that space can be saved. and can be used as a fish tank decorations. It is a perfect supply for fish tanks or aquariums.
  • 🐟【Degreasing Film Design】Professional film processing technology. The unique design of oil suction head, insures efficient absorption of the oil on the water surface by full play of the buoyancy control of the oil film suction head.

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