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Water, The Life Changing Benefits And How Water Filters Help?

1 out of 10 people in their teenage years suffer from acne. And most probably people advise the person to drink as much water as he or she can. But does drinking water actually help reduce acne?

Most of us visit dermatologists to get rid of this horrible skin condition. We take prescribed pills such as Tetrasyl and apply ointments but we cannot continue this practice forever. Dependency on prescription drugs is inevitable so we should switch to drinking pure, mineralised water. Some of us have seen reduced acne condition after drinking ample amount of water. And that is good news, right, but not all of us are lucky. But you need to understand that water is a better magical therapy than any kind of drug. The thing is though, you should be drinking at least 2 litres of water per day

We are here to discuss the benefits that water filters bestows on your health.


Water is a magical substance that helps your body hydrated.  The reason you should be hydrated is that once you stop drinking water, chronic dehydration can create several problems like migraine headaches, allergies, asthma, and hypertension. So, when you drink the desired amount of water, it serves as a cushion for your joints and aids in preserving your essential organs and muscles. Also, drinking water can protect your spinal cord from shock damage.


If you want to be healthy, drinking enough water is considered crucial.  Water filtration makes it easier to consume nice water. The biggest benefit of drinking water is flushing toxins from the body that may harm your health. Also, it makes your digestion perform at optimum levels and helps in the food ingestion process. An added advantage of consuming plenty of water is that it transports oxygen and nutrients to your body cells along with a healthy circulation of blood. Every bodily function works better with the appropriate use of water.  You can survive for one or more months without consuming food but without water, you will die in a few weeks. 


If you are one of those who are overweight. Consuming an ample amount of water is the best way to lose those extra pounds. Now, let’s discuss how it helps to lose the extra weight of your body. Once you start consuming water, a person does not have to go on a diet because he/ she will feel full for longer. Once your body is hydrated, you will consume fewer calories and the weight will generally reduce with time. 

If you’re considering drinking teas, colas, sports drinks or other sugary drinks expecting to keep yourself hydrated, you need to think again. Currently several advertisers assure you that drinking sports drinks will fulfill your hydration level. But you need to understand that colas and other carbonated water are dangerous for your health, especially your teeth and bones.

Soft Drinks:

These soft drinks cannot replace clean, filtered water. Since these drinks are fully covered with high sugar content and artificial ingredients


An added disadvantage of consuming tea and coffee does not help your hydration level. These high caffeinated drinks act as diuretics. It means the more you drink, the more your kidneys will extract liquids from your bloodstream.

We hope you have understood by now, how beneficial drinking water is. Now, comes the part whether you should consume the water from the kitchen or garage tap. The answer to that will be “NO”. The water coming directly from the municipal corporation is cleaned but contains certain protozoa that are not killed by chlorine solutions. Also, chlorine solution drinking water is not beneficial in the long run.

If you are one of those people who enjoy drinking pure and tasty water, there is a way which cost-effective and reliable. The water purifiers have been gaining popularity among today’s generation as these filters are equipped with the latest technology which kills the bacteria and virus in the water. Also, the water that you receive is much healthier than the water from the tap.

To have the most sophisticated water filters, you need to look for a professional company who manufactures and deals in this area. If you are a resident based in Ireland, EcoFilter Ireland are the number 1 choice for water treatment. The team of professionals have ample knowledge about the purifiers and the components. So you do not have to research the internet if you are facing any issue with your Water Filtration. So, call us if you have any query regarding water purifiers.

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